Eva Borsboom

Awaiting Chances 2017

In fencing you need to wait for the chances that will show up in front of you or you need to take the lead. This is similar to the changes you get when you grow up. Some things are waiting there for you but at one point you need to take the lead in the rhythm of your own life.
This is the story of Quincy Dualeh, who is a young boy growing up into manhood and also happens to be a foster child. Right now, he is a top fencer and he is trying to make the best out of his life with the knowledge that if he wouldn’t have been placed in his current family his life would have been really different.
This is a story about struggling, failing and fighting back and starting over and at some point, win, when one is growing up. That is what going into adulthood is also about, it is about trying to find out who you are and what you want. Even if you start with 10-0 behind.